Tesla's CEO–Elon Musk–isn't shy about his opinions on moats and patents and data and data access. We think your building data is yours–download it with a click.

Ready access to operational insights from your building’s data has long been a focus for our tools. The signal, not the noise, is what’s juiciest. Of course, the underlying data can be useful, too.

Elon has made waves arguing with Facebook about data access, and these headlines put a new twist on a familiar issue for building operators. Solar and energy storage developers argue with utilities about it. There is the Modbus versus LonMark versus BACnet “discussion.” And project managers have long struggled to extract structured data from email. In can be much easier. Did you know you can now download your billing and energy interval data, budgets, and custom report data, and maintenance and operations data right from your Gridium tools?

Download energy interval data

Download Snapmeter Interval Data

Considering an energy storage or solar project? Interval data can be grouped by reading timestamp, with each day a row, or by the reading timestamps sequential in a single column. Your billing history and variance summaries can also be downloaded with a click.

Download custom energy reporting data

download Snapmeter custom report data

Preparing a periodic executive report or sustainability review? Customize a Gridium report across a dozen billing and performance metrics, such as cost per SF and baseload kW, rollup the data by meter or building, and set flexible rolling time periods and comparison periods.

And for tips on preparing and downloading next year’s energy budget, join our webinar on May 30.

Download operations trend data

download Tikkit report data

When leadership asks for the Operations story, provide trend data on time-to-resolution, cost, or opened/closed projects with a flexible report. Use custom time periods, group by the dimension most useful to you, and save the report for ready access next quarter.

Download custom operations view data

Need to screen your entire Operations history for a specific set of projects? Filter all of your requests across a dozen dimensions, specify which columns of data are useful and set their order, and save for persistent access.

Elon isn’t the only one to argue with Facebook: the U.S. Senate called Mark Zuckerberg into town to essentially quiz him about that company’s Terms of Service and, to a lesser degree, about what happens to your personal data on Facebook. Will you use your building’s data for insight into operational efficiency? We think so. If you have questions, let us know.



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