Accelerate your goals with financial structures built for real estate

Powered by Grid payments, Gridium’s efficiency-as-a-service model delivers capital for efficiency resource development with no impact to asset strategy.

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How It Works

Energy payments from the Grid are on the utility bill, allowing for maximum cost recovery.

How the Gridium Efficiency-as-a-Service Works

Don’t touch the budget. Unlock efficiency now.

Gridium unifies the opportunity to sell efficiency resources to the Grid with transaction structures designed for Commercial Real Estate. If you’ve been denied a budget request, or don’t want to touch your building’s capital, we can still help you achieve your sustainability goals.

New Efficiency Payments from the Grid...

In advanced utility markets, the Grid will buy metered savings from your building, as though it were a Building Power Plant producing efficiency resources. Get paid to improve your piece of the Grid.

... Delivered in Smart Structures For Cost Recovery

New Grid financing options and payment markets are designed specifically to allow for the financial rewards to accrue to the organization funding the energy efficiency project.

A model built for Commercial Real Estate

Gridium leaders have spent decades in the Commercial Real Estate industry. Our efficiency-as-a-service model is purpose-built to be compatible with your asset strategy.

No Loans, No Shared Savings

Traditional ESCO models are dead on arrival when they meet commercial office buildings. Our efficiency-as-a-service offering is powered by the Grid, and we’ll never add loans or cumbersome shared savings agreements to your building.

No Encumbrance

Your building is your business. Our project development agreements increase NOI but don’t encumber or otherwise jeopardize the sale of your asset.

Your Building, Your Equipment

Your building is a complete asset, any equipment installed becomes your property upon installation.

Exit Anytime

Commercial real estate is a dynamic asset class. Your building can seamlessly transfer the agreement at building sale. Or, buyout the agreement when your capital conditions change.

Supercharge your sustainability investments

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