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Laser-like energy cost variance analysis

Are your utility bills hiding energy savings? Gridium’s advanced statistics tell you exactly why your bills are moving and how much you’ve saved, and correct for issues out of your control that can otherwise overshadow a job well done.

Variance reports have never been so easy

Ensure your team gets the credit for lower use or better demand management, even when rates are up, the bill period is long, or the weather is clouding the picture. Gridium peers in to your bills and can even capture demand savings from energy storage systems or demand response.

Stay on top of costs

Know exactly why this month’s bill has changed, in dollars and percentage points, with variance summaries in your email as soon as your newest bill is online.

No more manual bill entry

Gridium retrieves historical energy use and billing information from your utility, sparing you a huge data entry headache.

Measurement & Verification

Know if your energy efficiency projects are meeting objectives. Gridium’s world-class baselines allow you to confidently compare energy use before and after a capital project or a change to operations. Weather-normalization and baseload trending strips out the noise and lets you hone in on the savings.

Weather-normalized M&V

Gridium makes M&V easy, with noise from weather stripped out automatically. The software uses patented disaggregation to apportion savings by component, helping you verify savings even if confounding factors affected energy use during your project.

Your M&V workbench

Invest in an energy efficiency project and use Gridium’s best-in-class baselines to measure and verify the savings. The software has flexible baseline and analysis periods allowing you to fine-tune your baseline and calculate savings as they improve.

Forecast my budget

Gridium uses a best-in-class statistical model of your building to forecast your energy use–and budget–under a variety of weather scenarios.  The result is an accurate, data-driven electricity budget.

Get a head start in the budget race

Leading organizations use data to improve the accuracy of their budget forecasts, while stragglers fear energy costs as an uncontrollable expense. Gridium also helps reason through rate increases and in understanding the impacts from changes in occupancy.

One-click data downloads

Easily download bills, forecasts, and budget variances so you can plug them into financial planning tools and respond quickly to information requests from all building stakeholders.

Detailed rate modeling

Rather than rely on blended average rates that mix together use costs, demand costs, and time-of-use periods, Gridium incorporates a detailed rate model that understands the interaction between your pattern of energy use and the utility’s tariff rules. We even allow you to include costs from third-party power providers.

Fresh forecasts

Gridium constantly updates your energy forecast throughout the year, so that you can see how you’re tracking against the budget and where you’re likely to end up when the fiscal calendar closes.

Scenario analysis

Triple the sophistication with scenario planning on 3rd-party power costs, use, and rate increases.

  • Gridium provides constant feedback and support of our actions as we work to reduce spend across our portfolio. Once changes are complete, the software’s variance analysis confirms our success and gives us the confidence and insight we need to move onto our next energy management project.

    Robert Lutes
    Senior Vice President, Douglas Emmett
  • We saved a ton money with Gridium, and it helps me quantify and show those savings to ownership and tenants.

    Stephanie Meier
    Orange City Square
  • I’m proud that this hotel is serious about sustainability, and we found enough utility bill savings during the Gridium free trial to pay for our subscription for two years! The budget forecasts are accurate and save us time, too.

    Harry Hobbs
    Director of Engineering, InterContinental San Francisco
  • Robert Lutes
    Senior Vice President, Douglas Emmett
  • Stephanie Meier
    Orange City Square
  • Harry Hobbs
    Director of Engineering, InterContinental San Francisco

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