Increase building value with CAPEX-free energy upgrades

On-Bill Financing capital is already set aside – leverage it and have the Grid fund your building’s next efficiency project.

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How OBF Works

First, a free assessment powered by our touchless data analytics and engineering services. Then an Investment Grade Audit paired to no-CAPEX financing. Project delivery is turnkey, and the utility refinances the project on terms matched to energy savings.

Gridium On Bill Financing Process

Key aspects of On-Bill Finance

No-CAPEX path to higher Net Asset Value

Building budgets are under pressure: OBF means you can leverage funds already collected by the utility to finance your project without extending the CAPEX budget.

Puts loan repayment on the bill

The effect of on-bill repayment is cost neutrality: new services charges are offset by a drop in energy use. This enables proportionate cost recovery, dollar for dollar.

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How OBF Builds Value

How On-Bill Financing increase building value over time

Project Development: Gridium develops the project.

During Loan Term: the utility saves you CAPEX with an energy project loan and Gridium monitors savings to ensure bill neutrality.

Loan Closed: everyone’s energy costs and total bills are lower.

More benefits of OBF projects with Gridium

Better tenant spaces

Tenants love upgraded lighting and these projects can make it easier to diagnose hot/cold calls, improve comfort, and make space easier to lease.

Modernize systems, improve zone response

Adapting dated systems to COVID-19 driven changes in occupancy patterns is challenging – better, digital controls allow you to document air flow and gain a deeper understanding of operations.

Punch through payback rules

Term financing and perfect cost recovery from tenants mean that you can short circuit your internal payback rules and aim for deeper savings and more fundamental retrofits.

Trusted savings with reliable M&V

Our market-leading M&V technology means trusted savings. In many projects, our analytic measurements establish the incentive payment.

Enables comprehensive and turnkey projects

Upgrading RTUs and installing LEDs, converting to DDC or deploying modern electric motors – most energy-related projects with 10-year, or faster, paybacks are eligible.

CARES Act unlocks not-so-thorny depreciation

New tax incentives allow you to depreciate 100% of qualifying improvements in a single year, unlocking major after-tax NOI gains in the first project year.

  • In addition to the economic benefits of this retrofit, we hope to motivate our tenants to further consider their energy efficiency practices and sustainability efforts. Partnering with Gridium on the project really simplified the entire process.

    S. DeMarco Carter
    VP of Property Management, Downtown Properties
  • “Gridium’s variance analysis confirms our success and gives us the confidence and insight we need to move onto our next energy management project.”

    Robert Lutes
    Director of Engineering Services, Douglas Emmett
  • Now more than ever, tenants expect landlords to utilize technology to drive down utility costs which encompass a large percentage of overall operating expenses.

    Audrey J. King
    Senior Property Manager, The Muller Company
  • S. DeMarco Carter
    VP of Property Management, Downtown Properties
  • Robert Lutes
    Director of Engineering Services, Douglas Emmett
  • Audrey J. King
    Senior Property Manager, The Muller Company

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