Turn your building
into a power plant

And let the Grid pay you to turn it on.

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Definition of efficiency resource

1: A newly valuable asset for building owners that can be harvested to supercharge sustainable operations and improve the electricity grid.


2: When metered with new Measurement & Verification software technology, efficiency resources can be sold to the Grid for additional revenue.

How It Works

In new pay-for-performance markets, your building can sell harvested efficiency resources back to the Grid. All with zero upfront costs.

How Gridium Building Power Plants Work

Get paid for your extra energy

Pay-for-performance Grid markets are opening up across the country, where advanced utilities now see efficiency resources as an alternative to dirty fossil-fuel power. As the Grid evolves, is there a power plant hiding in your building?

New Revenue For You

New payments from the Grid are structured such that they quantify and return the value of energy efficiency savings to the entity funding the energy improvements, not only to tenants. Transactions are designed for maximum landlord cost recovery. These payments transform challenging business cases into rocket ship ROI’s.

Analytics for Reliable Grid Payments

All power plants must be reliable, and these new Grid markets rely on measured electricity savings over time. Gridium’s analytics, proved accurate by both the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) and the Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO), power the payments to your building.

Get paid to upgrade your building

It takes more than finely tuning existing systems to identify and unlock the $252 billion of deep energy efficiency hiding across all commercial building in the U.S. Gridium does the technical project management for you, and installs best-in-class, proven technology.

Better Light for a Better Building

New LEDs bring both productivity and energy efficiency into your built environment, and Gridium analytics will monitor the energy savings. Less maintenance means more time & money to improve overall tenant satisfaction.

Put Sustainable Comfort on Automatic

Improved building controls mean your operators can quit painful workarounds and finally implement automation deep in the building. These improvements enhance visibility into tenant spaces and their level of comfort.

Drive Savings with Efficient Motors & More

Digging deep might mean a hard look at existing systems just covering the basics–there can be fast-payback projects lurking in the bearings and the gears of your motors & pumps, HVAC equipment, and more.

Achieve System Level Savings

Traditional energy projects are piecemeal, done in isolation. By studying the entire building, Gridium finds savings spanning multiple building systems.

Actionable feedback enabling data-driven ops

Gridium’s analytics on your energy and maintenance data powers the performance payments you earn from the Grid, while also identifying any anomalous patterns where operations can be easily fine-tuned.

Insights in Your Pocket

Bite­-sized diagnostics delivered in a weekly email gives your team actionable feedback to identify issues, capture savings, and lower the peak demand charges that drive upwards of 40% of in-season electricity bills. Don’t drown in data, make decisions with information. Bill error reviews and utility rate optimizations are included.

Expert Guidance All Year Long

Our energy and operations expertise is available to all Gridium buildings, from real-time metering installations, 3rd-party supply procurements, ENERGY STAR reporting, occupancy studies, to rate forecasting and budgeting. Get on board and we’ll get your building in gear.

Get paid for running a sustainable building

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