About Gridium

Our Vision

We make useful software for data-driven buildings.

Currently half the world lives in a city; soon 70% will. Buildings use 40% of the world’s electricity. In the U.S. alone, the value of commercial real estate tops a trillion dollars. And much of this asset class is still run with spreadsheets, clipboards, and outdated software.

Meanwhile, building operators are being asked to do more with less. Mobile workforces, climbing energy costs, complex IT needs, and rising occupant expectations are forcing operational staff to find better ways to work.

Gridium crafts beautiful, easy-to-use tools for the way buildings work now: mobile, always-on, and data-driven. Whether you are managing energy use, coordinating vendors, or communicating with occupants, your software should make your job simpler, not more complex.

Gridium’s Board

  • Tom Arnold
    CEO and Co-founder
  • Adam Stein
    President and Co-Founder
  • Travis Putnam
    Board Member & Investor

Tom Arnold

CEO and Co-founder

Tom Arnold is co-founder and CEO of Gridium and current Chair of the Energy, Sustainability & Resiliency Committee at BOMA SF. Prior to Gridium, Tom Arnold was the VP of Energy Efficiency at EnerNOC, and cofounder at TerraPass. Tom has an MBA from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and a BA in Economics from Dartmouth College. When he isn’t thinking about the future of buildings, he enjoys riding his bike and chasing after his two daughters.

Adam Stein

President and Co-Founder

Adam runs the product team at Gridium. Formerly he co-founded TerraPass, and before that worked at Tellme and Trilogy. He has an MBA from Wharton and a BS from Stanford, neither of which impress his young daughter.

Travis Putnam

Board Member & Investor

Travis Putnam is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Navitas Capital. His current investments include Gridium, Matterport, PlanGrid, Enmetric, Building Robotics, and SNTech. Travis holds a degree in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania with a concentration in Finance.

Gridium Investors

  • Navitas Capital
  • Arafura Ventures
  • Darling Ventures
  • zipdragon ventures
  • Karl T. Ulrich

Navitas Capital

Navitas is a venture capital firm focused on making investments at the intersection of the Energy and IT sectors, with specific domain expertise on Intelligent Buildings and Enterprise startups.

Arafura Ventures

Arafura Ventures is a Silicon Valley-based investment company that provides its international investors with exposure to US-based, early stage technology companies.

Darling Ventures

Darling Ventures has one goal, to help founders succeed in taking their startup from vision to mind blowing reality. We build relationships for the long term and just like our portfolio companies, we believe in the power of doing things differently.

zipdragon ventures

zipdragon ventures provides capital and guidance to industry cloud startups. We believe in the power of software-as-a-service (SaaS) startups to transform vertical markets such as energy, mobility, buildings, food, water, and other industries undergoing significant change.

Karl T. Ulrich

Karl T. Ulrich is Vice Dean of Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He also holds an appointment as Professor of Mechanical Engineering. His research is focused on innovation, entrepreneurship, and product development. Karl mentored Adam and Tom a decade ago at Wharton, and wrote the first investor check to Gridium.

News & Recognition


Gridium Strengthens Balance Sheet with $14M in Funding to...

“Gridium’s unique combination of AI-based software tools and energy efficiency finance solutions make it the ideal energy partner for real estate organizations looking to increase asset value and lower their carbon footprints at scale. Gridium has earned the trust of the industry by consistently delivering outstanding results,” Travis Putnam, Managing Partner, Navitas.

Gridium Ranks in The Efficient Fifty by JMP Securities for...

“Our analysis reveals an unmistakable shift in capital market sentiment and it’s exciting to see the value delivered by the selected companies earn this new attention,” said Joseph Osha, Managing Director and Senior Research Analyst at JMP Securities.

Seattle Pilot Seeks Solution to Split Incentives

Commercial property operators often face a dilemma about energy efficiency measures. Tenants tend to reap most of the benefits in the form of lower energy bills, but a program in Seattle is testing a possible answer.

Douglas Emmett Advances Sustainability Leadership by...

Gridium Inc., a developer of software tools for commercial real estate and electric utilities, today announced that Douglas Emmett, a real estate investment trust, is deploying Gridium’s cloud-based big data analytics software across its entire portfolio of 58 buildings.

Cultivating Green Data

Kilroy has seen a great return on investment with its data management vendor, Gridium, which compiles the weekly emails for Neff. Gridium also uses weather data to anticipate peak demand days, notifying Kilroy to reduce its electrical usage in advance of peak summer periods. The vendor has helped Kilroy save 402,407 kilowatt hours and $77,642… Read More