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Building engineers trust Gridium energy analytics to lower energy use & costs.

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Energy feedback. In your email.

Bite­-sized diagnostics delivered in a weekly email gives your team actionable feedback to identify issues and capture savings. And don’t drown in data. Gridium’s load curve beacons help you spot operational savings opportunities.

New Snapmeter in Action

Great workflow

Tools only work if they work for you. Gridium delivers the targeted information you need directly to your email inbox.

Unlimited users

Add unlimited subscribers so that your energy data can be broadly shared with staff, controls partners, consultants, and colleagues.

Lower peak demand charges

Demand charges can easily drive 40% of your electricity bill. Gridium uses predictive analytics to forecast the top two or three demand days per billing cycle. Now you can fight back against demand charges with best-in-class predictions, tested by the Lawrence Berkeley National Labs.

Manage peak demand

Gridium delivers energy and demand savings that trim your utility costs.

Boost NOI & returns

Energy efficiency gains drop OPEX, returning big jumps in building value and easing pressure off budgets.

Submeter data analytics

From monitoring on-site energy generation assets to spotting faults in specific pieces of equipment, submeter data lets you hunt for deep savings out of the assets you already have. Set your trapped onsite submeter data free from antiquated systems by posting it to Gridium’s secure cloud for analysis and visualization. We can help design integrations for most modern submeter systems.

Lightning fast data browsing

Sort, filter, and drill down in seconds via an intuitive interface that puts millions of data points at your fingertips.

Submeter subsystems and equipment

Scope individual pieces of equipment to diagnose and fix spikes and cycling. It’s your equipment and data, so there’s no vendor lock-in or closed proprietary systems.

BMS integration

Gridium has an open API. Wire up our demand prediction to your BMS for the smartest building on the block.

Not as smart as you, but learning

Every building is a snowflake, and you know yours best. Gridium is always learning, finding the best statistical model fit at the close of each bill period. Get accurate feedback, even after changes in occupancy or after capital projects.

Effortless deployment

Because we retrieve your data directly from the utility, there’s no on-site installation required. We’ll have you up and running in a few days. And it’s free to try.

  • Running efficient, high-performance buildings with happy tenants… it’s what we do. Gridium makes lowering peak demand charges easy.

    José Rojas
    Chief Engineer, JLL
  • The GHG reductions and tens of thousands of dollars of OPEX savings achieved with the help of Gridium software reflect our approach to world-class office environments.

    Claudia Rodas
    Director Bay Area Workplace Operations, LinkedIn
  • “Gridium is my weekly energy coach. It helps me plan the week ahead and save money for the building.”

    Sean Bennett
    Chief Engineer 100 First St
  • Gridium helps my team hit our annual energy savings target. Peak demand charges and anomalous use patterns are now easier to control.

    George Lesko
    Regional Engineer, Douglas Emmett
  • José Rojas
    Chief Engineer, JLL
  • Claudia Rodas
    Director Bay Area Workplace Operations, LinkedIn
  • Sean Bennett
    Chief Engineer 100 First St
  • George Lesko
    Regional Engineer, Douglas Emmett

Gridium is trusted by hundreds of millions of square feet of buildings including:

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