Real-time submeters. Connected.

Submeters bring fine-grained data to high fidelity energy management.

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Instrument all your energy spend, deep in each building and across the entire portfolio.

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Tenant bill-backs

Skip the errors from manually calculating bill-backs in Excel. Save staff time and prevent lost revenues. Improve service with timely, personalized, and accurate invoices.

Real-time metering data

Save tons of staff time and put away the clipboards–automatic real-time meter reads make manual data gathering a thing of the past.

And real-time data tells you exactly what’s going on inside your building whenever you want to know. Diagnose hard starts and spikes in the moment, and fine-tune responses during peak demand days.

Open architecture

Confidently invest in your operations knowing that this valuable data won’t be siloed in a closed-loop system. Gridium can help you select the right hardware package, with routing to your BMS, your internal storage server, and Gridium.

Easy to install

Plug-and-play hardware can be deployed in minutes, with flexible hardware packages easier to handle and more capable than ever before.

Lower costs, greater functionality

Customizable kits to fit an array of metering, integration, and communication requirements are now readily available, right off the shelf.

Utility meter, but no data?

If your utility has installed a smart meter in your building, and yet does not provide access to your data online, you can access your data by sending the pulse reading from that smart meter right into Gridium.

  • Running efficient, high-performance buildings with happy tenants… it’s what we do. Gridium makes lowering peak demand charges easy.

    José Rojas
    Chief Engineer, JLL
  • The GHG reductions and tens of thousands of dollars of OPEX savings achieved with the help of Gridium software reflect our approach to world-class office environments.

    Claudia Rodas
    Director Bay Area Workplace Operations, LinkedIn
  • “Gridium is my weekly energy coach. It helps me plan the week ahead and save money for the building.”

    Sean Bennett
    Chief Engineer 100 First St
  • Gridium helps my team hit our annual energy savings target. Peak demand charges and anomalous use patterns are now easier to control.

    George Lesko
    Regional Engineer, Douglas Emmett
  • José Rojas
    Chief Engineer, JLL
  • Claudia Rodas
    Director Bay Area Workplace Operations, LinkedIn
  • Sean Bennett
    Chief Engineer 100 First St
  • George Lesko
    Regional Engineer, Douglas Emmett

Gridium is trusted by hundreds of millions of square feet of buildings including:

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