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Gridium organizes and analyzes your energy data, focusing your team on the best opportunities while reporting progress to all stakeholders.

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Snapmeter Portfolio Energy Management

Benchmark & audit my portfolio

Simplify the challenge of managing energy spend, utility bills, and efficient operations for every building in your portfolio. Group specific meters together to compare variance, dig into the totalized trend data, or rank on KPIs like kWh per square foot or baseload kW.

Group your energy spend

Mix and match your meter data and spend to square with general ledger codes, building types, campus clusters, and your organization.

Savings verification

Energy use is always changing. When you implement savings measures, make sure the results match your expectations. Use flexible baseline and reporting periods to instantly calculate and share your results.

Learn from your best buildings

Gridium’s detailed understanding of your load curves helps identify important operational issues, such as startup drift, rising baseload, or faulty economization.

Distill opportunities to coach the team

Spread best practices, lessons learned, and experience across the entire portfolio. Work on issues together, share links to specific load curves, add notes, and track user engagement.

Audit my utility bills and rates

Confidently choose the optimal utility rate for every building you manage. Gridium automates utility rate optimization–across dozens of tariffs–so that you can make smart rate decisions and capture savings. Utility bills are automatically audited for errors.

Better rates

Utilities modify their dozens of tariffs, changing time-of-use periods and making all the choices more complex. Your building’s load curve can shift. Fight back by getting smart on all of the rate choices you have to make. Our local market expertise ensures the rate optimization calculations make sense.

Bill refunds and bill credits

Utilities make mistakes from time to time, that’s no surprise. Gridium is always watching and you’ll see suspicous rate variance highlighted directly on the bill variance screen. We’ll work with you and your data to process a fix with the utility.

On demand custom reports

Compare energy performance and cost metrics over time or across all of your meters and buildings. Bring transparency to portfolio performance by customizing and sharing reports on such metrics as mean shutdown time, electricity rate, cost per day, or peak demand.

One-click data downloads

Free your buildings’ energy data with easily shareable reports. Show progress on energy goals, or answer accrual questions from finance, with the click of a button.

Custom, easy, and fast reporting

Never get caught with another utility bill data entry typo. Flexible reporting creates beautiful Excel reports automatically, with raw and summarized energy data anlongside analytical facts like Max kW, Use (kWh) per day, and Baseload kW/SF. Choose your comparision period to show progress over time. Ask us about accrual reports!

Automatic measure identification

Understand savings opportunities before deciding whether a building warrants a closer look. Calculate total potential savings and dig into day-by-day specifics of startup, shutdown, and baseload management.

Get organized and prioritized

Browse years of data at a glance through compelling visualizations, drill down to diagnose operational issues, and measure your efforts with flexible M&V. Focus on the buildings that need attention.


Economizers are often the key to huge energy savings. But many are disabled or faulty. Calculate temperature balance points instantly, even in buildings with dynamic loads.

  • We aim to provide top-notch operating environments for all of our tenants in all of our buildings, and we don’t let remote management and engineering get in the way of that goal. Gridium’s analytics and support is a real help, and the billing credit is just one example!

    Julie Zaoui
    Property Manager, The Swig Company
  • Kilroy is always focused on maintaining best-in-class operations. The visibility and energy analytics from Gridium empower our teams to take immediate action where it is needed most. The Gridium team has been instrumental in tracking corporate wide energy use, proving ROI on efficiency measures, and identifying opportunities across the portfolio.

    Brian Coon
    Vice President,  Engineering, Kilroy Realty Corporation
  • Gridium software is simple, easy to use, and helpful to me and my team as we balance a world class working environment for our colleagues with energy efficient operations and lower GHG emissions.

    Manny Madrueno
    Facilities Engineer, Honda R&D Americas, Inc. in Torrance, CA
  • Julie Zaoui
    Property Manager, The Swig Company
  • Brian Coon
    Vice President,  Engineering, Kilroy Realty Corporation
  • Manny Madrueno
    Facilities Engineer, Honda R&D Americas, Inc. in Torrance, CA

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