Snapmeter’s ease of use and powerful analytics now extend to natural gas data.

We completely redesigned Gridium last year, tying together improved analytics with a greatly updated user interface. Part of the motivation of that redesign was to make it easier to launch new features, and today we are pleased to announce that you can now track your natural gas use in Gridium.

As with electricity, we gather gas use and billing data directly from your online utility account. There’s nothing for you to install or configure on site. An increasing number of utilities are making daily or even hourly gas readings available online.

The same great analytics and visualizations that are available for electricity are now available for natural gas data. Browse your electricity use and gas use together on the same chart:

natural gas data chart

Detect seasonal and weekly patterns in gas use via heatmaps:

natural gas data heatmap

And of course analytics are at the heart of the new gas offering. You can perform period-on-period analyses to determine not only how your gas use is changing over time, but also what factors are driving the change: weather, operations, or baseload use.

Easily compare metrics such as daily gas use across all the buildings in your portfolio. Track all of your costs in one place.

More gas-related features are coming soon. You’ll be able to see these new features in Gridium if gas data is available and once it’s flowing for your account, so stay tuned!

About Adam Stein

Adam runs the product team at Gridium. Formerly he co-founded TerraPass, and before that worked at Tellme and Trilogy. He has an MBA from Wharton and a BS from Stanford, neither of which impress his young daughter.

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