Smarter Programs for the Smart Grid.

Gridium creates analytics-based efficiency programs that engage your customers and deliver measurable savings.

Gridium’s mission is to make buildings run more effectively. We work with select utilities to apply our market-leading energy analytics and commercial market expertise at scale to a utility’s customer base. We serve segments from small and medium business to large commercial and industrial energy users, whose heterogeneity make them difficult to service with techniques designed for residential rate payers.

Feature Application: Price Response

Gridium powers the largest commercial demand response program in the US. Our partnership with Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) brings Gridium analytics and modern software development to PG&E’s 50,000 peak day pricing customers.

Smarter marketing

Does your marketing outreach treat all your customers the same, whether they’re a corner florist or a boutique hotel? Smart meter data gives you incredible insight into your customers’ behavior – if you know how to interpret it. Gridium can analyze millions of load curves to segment your customers according to energy use behavior, so that you can reach out to them with personalized appeals. Our data-driven marketing campaigns have been proven to boost response rates up to 5 times over one-size-fits-all approaches.

Fast feedback

Your demand response and price response programs use financial incentives to help guide customer behavior. But that price signal loses its power when customers have to wait weeks or even months to find out if their curtailment efforts were successful. Gridium takes in smart meter data as soon as its available and provides immediate feedback to program participants, closing the loop between action and response.

Personalized coaching

Fast feedback is critical to helping customers improve their energy management efforts, but Gridium takes an additional step, applying pattern-matching analytics to customer load curves to offer personalized efficiency tips. Rather than just telling them how much energy they used, we can, for example, point out the spike that occurred at 3:00 p.m. as possible source of future improvement.

Trusted by Buildings

Gridium software is so trusted by commercial customers that they buy it! Power up your program with analytics that are not only vetted by outside academic groups, but also already trusted by your commercial base.

Smarter Marketing. Smarter Programs. Smarter Customers…
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