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Building managers are faced with a constant stream of problems to troubleshoot.

Most face a daily battle with getting stopped in the hall and a flood of emails and calls from occupants logging requests, vendor appointments, preventive maintenance reminders, and a host of other issues.

Tikkit organizes this chaos into a single, elegant interface accessible from anywhere. And because issues can be managed via emails, occupants and vendors don’t have to change behavior or get trained on a new system.

Work orders

Work order management is at the heart of building operations. A centralized repository of work orders tames the communication flow between occupants, vendors, and building staff, and provides an invaluable archive of building work history.

Capture requests anywhere

Receive, manage and track work order communication through emails. Meet occupants and vendors where they are already contacting you, synced across all your devices.

Collect rich data

Integrate photos and attachments into work orders to streamline communications and help get to the heart of problems more quickly. Unlimited storage.


If you like, get notified by email or text message when issues are updated with new comments, a label is changed, or other updates are made.

Foolproof location tracking

Secure email addresses for painless location based tracking for message-based work orders.

Reporting and history

Track issues by type, time to respond and time to resolution. Understand more about what causes issues and find chronic problems earlier. Show the data that proves you run a tight ship.

Occupant help center

Set up an attractive, easy-to-use occupant help center to capture occupant requests for service and help occupants track resolution of their issues through the web or email. Occupants can easily upload images to help speed issue resolution.

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Tell you what, I’ll email you

Handle service requests in email. Occupants will never know they are in a system, and you’ll get all the benefit of Tikkit’s tracking and coding features.

Class A occupant portals

You run a great building, and your occupant website should reflect that. You can set up a gorgeous occupant-facing website in minutes, complete with your company logo and high-resolution images of your buildings.

Issue tracking and alerts

Good customer service means keeping occupants in the loop. The occupant website and configurable alerts keep occupants up to date all the way from issue creation to resolution. Cut down on requests for status updates and improve occupant satisfaction.

Service scheduling

The longest delays in handling a occupant issue typically involve third-party service calls. Vendor visits often require coordination between multiple parties: the service technician, building security, the occupant, etc. Tikkit centralizes service scheduling to ensure that everyone has a common view.

Domain based emails to delight occupants

Delight occupants by provisioning support emails like for branded email workflow. All you need is access to your mail server, we’ll do the rest.

Painless occupant access

Don’t put barriers up to receiving feedback. With Gridium’s painless and secure email based logins, there are no passwords for occupants who want to track issues as they are resolved.

Occupant reporting

All occupants remember is the last problem. Provide transparency by allowing them to login and view current work order status, and access reporting on prior work orders. Let the record reflect your good work.

Vendor management

Most buildings use dozens if not hundreds of external service providers to help with everything from landscaping to electrical work. Managing this virtual workforce requires a set of tools that work across organizational boundaries.

Communicate with vendors via email and digital work orders over the web.

Service technicians are constantly on the move. To reach them, you need to be able to reach out via whatever channel is most likely to connect. That’s why Tikkit allows vendors to interact directly with work orders via email and the web.

Stop the game of whispers

Tikkit provides vendors with a complete, consolidated view of the work order, including occupant comments, photos, and other attachments.

Painless vendor access

For complex issues, let vendors login with nothing other than their email. Make sure they have full information at their fingertips.

Build service archives

The data, photos and details of service calls are collected, categorized, and made searchable instead of disappearing into the ether. Help your team understand persistent and chronic issues and collect the data necessary for replace/repair decisions.

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