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Analytics-based commissioning: Operational Savings. Broad and Fast.

Cut the time and expense of on-site audits by pre-screening buildings and identifying a targeted opportunity list across thousands of customers before an engineer sets foot in a building.

“Instead of a bulky fixed report, we get dynamic software to explore and analyze interval data and helpful diagnostic images to customize our standard reports.”

Henry Summers, Enovity Program Manager for SMART analytics based commissioning
Analytics without onerous data collection

Many virtual audit firms rely on intense onsite data collection that can take as long as an audit. Gridium’s analytics require only interval data from smart meters to identify savings opportunities, offering quick results at high scale and low cost.

Portfolio analysis

Gridium’s behavioral benchmarking goes far beyond traditional aggregate metrics such as kWh per square foot. Filter and compare buildings based on energy use patterns to quickly detect the outliers that represent the biggest savings opportunities.

Pre-audit screening

By screening properties before visiting, auditors can determine high priority buildings and identify key efficiency measures prior to a site visit. Gridium’s statistical tools and machine learning algorithms can score buildings along dozens of dimensions, highlighting savings opportunities in key areas such as scheduling, economization, and baseload management.

Post Measure Reporting

Once efficiency measures are implemented, end-customers, implementers and utilities can monitor site conditions to ensure savings. Rapid and ongoing feedback on savings often encourages customers to expand their participation in efficiency programs.

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