Use views to track vendor activity

Assigning requests to vendors is just the first step of the process. Customize columns to track vendor progress through to completion.

Vendor-related columns

Tikkit allows you to customize request lists and set up your own specialized views so that you can tailor it to your workflow. Several vendor-related columns help you keep track of work being performed by outside contractors.

The first is the Assigned to column, which can include either staff info or vendor info, depending on who has been assigned responsibility for the request.

The second is a Vendor column, which shows the most recent vendor activity:

  1. No response indicates that the vendor hasn’t responded to the request yet.
  2. Needs info indicates that the vendor has seen the request but needs more information.
  3. Accepted indicates that the vendor has agreed to take on the work.
  4. Declined indicates that the vendor is unavailable to take on the work.
Declining a request doesn’t change its assignment

A request will remain assigned to a vendor even if they have declined it. A staff member must re-assign the request to take it away from the vendor.

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