Track your time to bill customers and boost productivity

Tikkit makes it easy to track and report on the amount of time spent on requests. Time-tracking is at the heart of a well-run maintenance program:

  • Invoice customers for billable hours and maintain a system of record to support billing claims.
  • Understand at a granular level which properties and which activity types are consuming the most of your staff hours, so you can look for areas to troubleshoot or ways to boost productivity.

Getting started guide

If you are a staff member who uses Tikkit to manage your daily workload, this guide will get you up and running quickly. More…

Manual time tracking

Tikkit provides built-in work timers, but you can also add or edit entries in the time log directly. More…

Reporting on work hours

A flexible reporting framework lets you slice through time logs or export them so they can be pulled into an accounting system. More…

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