Log or edit hours manually. Create or modify time log entries for yourself or others

Timers are a handy tool for tracking work, but what happens when you need to log some hours that aren’t being timed? No problem, you can also add or edit your time log by hand.

Adding manual time log entries

Every request include a time log showing the complete list of time records and the total time logged.

To add a record manually, simply click the “Add record” button. A form will appear that is nearly identical to the form you use to log timers. The only difference is that, for manual entries, you can also specify who performed the work. This is a handy way to log time for other people who may be helping you on a request.

Editing or deleting time records

Next to every entry in the time log, there are edit and delete icons that allow you to update or remove items. You can only update or remove your own time log entries, not work performed by other people.

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