Built-in timers take the pain out of tracking your time

Tracking time worked is incredibly useful, but it is not traditionally considered all that much fun. Tikkit takes the pain out of time-tracking by providing built-in timers that make logging hours a snap.

Starting and stopping a timer

When you are ready to begin work, open up the associated request in Tikkit and press the “Start timer” button at the top of the page. A timer will begin tracking your time and continue until it is stopped, even if you leave the page.

If you temporarily stop working, you can pause the timer by clicking on it. Restart it by clicking on it again.

Cancel a timer entirely by clicking the cancel button next to it. This will discard the timer without recording the time worked.

Logging time worked

When you are ready to log your time, press the checkmark button next to an active timer.

A form will open that allows you to enter additional details:

  • Ending. Tikkit will assume the work you are logging just ended, but you can edit the stopping point if you wish.
  • Hours & minutes. Tikkit takes the current value of the timer as the duration of time worked, but you can edit this value (for example, if you started the timer too early or too late, or took a break without pausing the running timer).
  • Memo. Add any relevant notes, such as a description of the work performed.
  • Billable. Indicate whether the time being tracked is billable to a customer.

Managing your active timers

Tikkit displays a banner at the top of the site listing your active timers. Click on a timer in the banner to perform actions on it, such as pausing, restarting, canceling, or logging the time.

You can also view all of your active timers at once on your account page. Click on the settings link (the gear icon in the upper right: ) and then My Account > Active Timers. From this page, you can review, pause, restart, cancel, or log any active timers.

Closing requests with active timers

If you finish a request with an active timer, you don’t need to log the time before closing out the request. Just close the request as you normally would, and Tikkit will give you the opportunity to log the active timer or discard it.

Reminder emails

If you have any active timers remaining at the end of the day, Tikkit will send you a reminder email asking you what you want to do with your active timers. Of course, you can disregard this email if you want the timers to remain active. Otherwise, pause, cancel, or log them as appropriate.

You can turn off these notifications by going to Settings > My account > Notifications.

What if you need to log time that you didn’t set a timer for?

No problem, you can manage time entries manually as well.

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