Reporting on costs

Cost tracking gives you meaningful insight into the who-what-when-where and why of expenses. This information can be used to spot costly practices and sharpen budgets.

Report on costs incurred

Tikkit’s reporting features include the ability to track the Total cost metric across a number of different dimensions. For example, you can answer questions like:

  • What has the total cost been for all requests over the past three months in each of my buidlings?
  • Over the past 8 weeks, how have my Materials costs compared to my Labor costs?
  • So far this year, how do expenses stack up for the requests assigned to each of my service techs?
  • …and more

You can also include a total cost metric in a Crosstab report.

How to export total costs

The ability to export total costs is essential for downstream analysis and in particular for integration with an invoicing system.

Downloading total cost records is easy:

  1. Create a new report.
  2. Select the time period window of interest.
  3. Chose the time interval in which you want your data grouped, say daily or weekly.
  4. Select Total cost as the metric to report.
  5. Group by the dimension of interest, say Assignee or Cost category.
  6. Optionally click Save to preserve this particular report’s settings.
  7. Click the Download button in the upper right of the report to download a spreadsheet of all the report data.

You can also include Total cost, Billable costs, and Non-billable costs in an exportable Custom View.

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