Make sure you never miss an important update

Tikkit offers flexible notification settings so that you can keep up to date on requests that matter via email or text message.

Reply to notification emails to leave a comment

Here’s a handy tip: reply directly to notification emails to leave a comment on or attach an image to the request.

Managing your own notifications

To update your notification preferences:

  1. Go the the settings page–click on the gear icon in the upper right:
  2. Click on My Account on the left-hand menu
  3. Click on the “Notifications” tab

There are four types of notifications you can opt to receive:

  1. Notify me when a new request arrives. If this option is checked, you will receive a notification every time a new request is created for any location that you have access to, even if the request isn’t assigned to you. This is most useful for people in central dispatch roles who need to know about new requests so they can assign them. Checking this option can lead to a large volume of notifications, so use it carefully.
  2. Notify me when a request is assigned to me. If this option is checked, you will receive a notification whenever a new or existing request is assigned to you.
  3. Notify me when a comment is made on a request I follow. If this option is checked, you will receive a notification whenever a request you are following is commented on by a staff member, vendor, or occupant.
  4. Notify me when a request I follow is closed or re-opened. This option allows you to track status updates to a request.

Note that small updates to a request, such as a change of priority or label, don’t trigger notifications.

What does it mean to “follow” a request?

Even if you’re not the creator or assignee of a request, you can still track updates. Simply add yourself as a follower of the request in the righthand sidebar. In fact, Tikkit automatically adds you as a follower when you perform certain actions, such as leaving a comment. Learn more.

You will not receive notifications for actions you perform

To avoid overload, Tikkit only notifies you of events that you don’t already know about. For example, if you create a new request, you won’t receive a notification about it, even if you have asked for notifications whenever new requests are created. Likewise, if you assign a request to yourself, or leave a comment on a request you are following, you won’t receive a notification, because you are already aware of these updates.

Fine-tuning text message delivery

For each of the notification types, you can choose to receive messages by email, text message, or both. Text message alerts are particularly useful for mobile workers who want to keep on top of urgent requests.

To avoid flooding your phone with alerts, Tikkit offers a set of fine-grained filters for text message notifications:

  1. Priority filter. You can specify a minimum priority level for text message notifications. For example, if you choose “high” as the priority filter, then only high priority and urgent requests will trigger a notification. If you choose “low” as the priority filter, then all requests will trigger a notification.
  2. Recurring request filter. If you use Tikkit for a preventative maintenance program, you may have a large number of recurring requests. These requests are scheduled in advance, so they are rarely a surprise, and it can be annoying to have them constantly pinging your phone. No problem: just make sure the “Include recurring requests” box remains unchecked.

You can turn off text messages at any time by replying STOP or by updating your notification preferences.

Oh, and one last memo from ObviousLand: to receive text messages, you need to provide a mobile phone number. Set it here: settings  gear icon > My Account > Info.

Managing other people’s notifications

Administrators can change the notification settings for other staff members. Learn more about managing staff member accounts.

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