Stay on top of requests that aren't assigned to you

If you create or are assigned to a request, you will automatically receive updates (assuming you have notifications turned on). But what if you want to keep tabs on requests that don’t belong to you?

No problem. Just go to the page for that request, and click “Add” in the followers sidebar:

Add yourself or others as followers to work orders for notifications

You can add yourself or any other relevant person as a follower. Followers receive the same notifications as creators or assignees.

In fact, Tikkit automatically adds you as a follower to a request when you perform certain actions, such as leaving a comment. Most of the time, you don’t have to do anything to follow the requests you are most interested in. Tikkit keeps note of your activity and makes sure you are notified of follow-up actions.

Unfollowing requests

The flip side of following a request is unfollowing it. Click the “Unfollow this request” button, or the small x next to your name (or someone else’s name) in the follower sidebar.

You can even unfollow requests that you created or that are assigned to you. If you do so, you’ll still be the creator (or assignee) of the request, but you won’t receive any more outbound notifications. This is effectively a way to “mute” the request.

To turn notifications back on, simply follow the request again.

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