Managing staff members

Collaborate with other staff members to get work done

Staff members are people on your team who can create requests, have requests assigned to them for completion, leave comments on requests, and make other changes to request fields such as type or priority. In general, staff members can do just about anything in Tikkit, although certain functions are reserved for administrators.

Only administrators can add staff

Tikkit administrators can also grant administrator privileges to existing staff members.

Adding new staff members

If you are an Administrator for your Tikkit account, creating new staff members is easy.

  1. Click on People at the top of the page.
  2. Click on Staff on the left hand navigation column.
  3. Click “Add new” in the upper right.
  4. Enter a name and email address for the new staff member
  5. Choose which locations to give the staff member access to. You can give staff members access to all locations, which will also automatically give them access to any new locations added in the future. Or you can specify individual locations. (Learn more about managing locations.)
  6. You can optionally customize the notifications the new staff member receives when work orders are created and updated. Staff members can also update these settings themselves once they log in.
  7. You can optionally make the user an Administrator, which allows the staff member to create new staff members, occupants, and locations, and configure Tikkit settings for your entire team.
  8. Click “Create staff member.”

As soon as the staff account is created, Tikkit will send a welcome email to the new user with instructions for how to access the site. However, one more step is required before the new staff account is ready for use.

Set notification preferences appropriately

Typically, few staff members need to have the “New request is created” notification preference checked. If this option is checked, the staff member will receive a notification every time a request is created at a location to which the staff member has access, regardless of who the request is assigned to.

Managing existing staff members

Managing existing staff members is much the same as adding them. First, go to the person’s settings page:

  1. Click on People at the top of the page.
  2. Click on Staff on the left hand navigation column.
  3. Click on the name of the staff member you want to manage.

After making changes, click “Update” to save them.

Removing staff members

To remove a staff member, go to the person’s settings page and click “Remove staff member.” You will be asked to confirm the removal.

If a staff member has existing requests assigned to him, removing him won’t change the assignment of these requests. Nor will it undo any actions performed in the past by that staff member, such as comments left on requests.

Removing a staff member will make him unavailable for assignment of future requests. Removed staff members are unable to log into Tikkit, and they will no longer receive notifications related to requests, even ones they are associated with.

Consider checking for open requests before removing a staff member

Before removing a staff member, you may wish to first reassign that person’s open requests. An easy way to do so is to create a custom view showing just the open requests for that staff member, and reassign them each individually.

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