Take a quick look across your meter, building, or group billing data over time, with key trailing twelve month figures highlighted right up top and Excel downloads for easy sharing.

Energy cost data isn’t available for submeters, because they aren’t subject to utility tariffs. To see the costs associated with energy on a submeter, select the associated utility meter.

Electric utility bill data all in one place

Calendarized monthly electric costs graphed over time, with summary metrics totaled over the trailing twelve months, and links to individual bills, organized by billing period.

Graph of energy costs by month & TTM metrics

This graph traces total electricity costs over time, by calendar month, for all of the billing data available. Move your cursor along the solid blue line to see each month’s total cost figure one data point at a time. 

If you’re looking for a quick snapshot of cost trends over the past twelve months, total spend, total use, dollars per square foot, and an average kWh cost are highlighted below the graph. Note that you must enter square footage on the Building info screen.

Review and download all bill history

This summary table makes it easy to scan through each billing period’s variance reports. This variance analysis compares one billing period to the same billing period one year ago, meaning you need at least 13 months of billing period history before variance data can be calculated.

Download the data into Excel by clicking the Download bill history link, and jump into a specific bill by clicking the billing period date range in blue colored text.

Have a question about how Temp response or Rates or how any of the variance report columns are calculated? Check out this description of billing period Source of variance tables.

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