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Examining a utility meter’s bills

Review detailed variance reports on your meter’s utility bills, and analyze key metrics like total cost, cost per kWh, and total use to see how the bill compares to the same billing period last year.

Lowering peak charges with accurate and precise demand...

One of the easiest ways to lower peak demand charges–which can total 40% or more of your building’s utility bills–is to pay attention to energy use on the handful of days, each billing period, when it’s likely your building will set its peak.

Understanding changes in energy use

Explore the weather-normalized changes in energy use, driven by factors that you do and do not totally control, and run accurate measurement and verification reports.

How do I create a group (and edit or delete one)?

Supercharge portfolio management with custom groups. Creating a group of meters makes it easy to collect different parts of your portfolio together, and they can be used to view total energy use and other aggregated key performance metrics.

Setting up Snapmeter: overview

Snapmeter delivers powerful energy analytics right to your building operations team online, on mobile, and with custom reporting.