Valuing diversified energy projects

Jamie Mandel–Managing Director, Rocky Mountain Institute–and Phil Keuhn–Principal, RMI–discuss energy project portfolio optimization and the value of green leases for real estate owners and investors.

Rethinking Real Estate

Dror Poleg–Author and Co-Chair of the Urban Land Institute’s Technology and Innovation Council in New York–discusses his new book on how technology is changing the way humans work, live, eat, shop, and travel.

RealCrowd podcast at CREtech AI event

“The challenge is how do you get out of that sea of data into making decisions, with AI, that are actually going to build the value, not the drudgery of analyzing.”

Introducing Gridium Alpha – Zero CapEx Energy Projects

Gridium Software builds value from what you currently have. Our new Gridium Alpha offering develops upgrade projects for your building, measures the results, and sells these harvested efficiency resources back to the Grid. All with zero upfront costs.

A WeWork butterfly

Look past the one liner tweets and big money clickbait headlines and you’ll see the ground is shifting beneath your building.

Hybrid seeds & energy harvesting

What does an academic study from 1943, on the diffusion of adoption of hybrid seeds by farmers in Iowa, tell us about harvesting energy efficiency in 2019?