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A new set of features in Gridium software takes advantage of our online connection to your building’s energy use and billing data to calculate project savings in near real time.

Gridium analytics have long helped building operators identify savings opportunities in their buildings. Recently, Gridium has started helping customers reach for even deeper savings by providing financing for zero-capex energy efficiency upgrades.

These upgrades come with clearly defined cost and energy savings targets based on building audits and engineering surveys. To ensure the projects meet their targets, we need a way of measuring project performance over time. Once again, analytics come to the rescue.

Simply provide the software with a few key project dates, and Gridium will calculate energy savings in close to real time.

This example project’s daily load curves showing Use, Savings, and Cumulative savings, delivered during the week when the building is in service.

The new reporting features are useful not just for reporting out project results but also for providing fast feedback for project optimization. If efficiency measures aren’t producing the results you expect, you’ll find out quickly enough to make course corrections and avoid costly mistakes.

Heatmap of new M&V module for energy efficiency retrofits

Overages and savings, per day by hour, show the pattern of changes delivered by the retrofit project.

Alternative views of the savings highlight the way that energy efficiency measures affect building energy use throughout the day.

The software calculates energy savings by first constructing a model of your building’s energy use based on its behavior in the period preceding the efficiency project. Using this model, it compares the building’s post-project performance to its pre-project energy use. The difference reflects savings from the project.

This method of measuring energy savings underlies a host of innovative new efficiency programs being offered by utilities across the U.S. Gridium has been deeply involved in the design and development of some of these programs. Although the details are complex, the bottom line is that our software can measure savings from energy efficiency projects with the accuracy required to support utility incentive payments.

Of course, these new features can be used to measure savings from any energy efficiency project, not just ones that Gridium helps finance. If you have a building in Gridium with a past project or a planned project coming up that you’d like to report on, reach out to learn more.

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