Set up a preventative maintenance plan with repeating requests

Tikkit offers flexible and powerful tools for scheduling tasks:

  • You need to perform inspections on the first Monday of every month? No problem.
  • You like to take equipment readings every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday? Tikkit has your back.
  • You want to check inventory levels two weeks after whenever you last checked them? Tikkit can do that too.

If you’re still managing scheduled tasks in Outlook, read on to find out what you’re missing.

Creating and managing repeating requests

Repeating requests allow you to easily set up flexible schedules that repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly at any interval you want. You can also set up activity-based triggers, so that new requests are created after earlier ones are closed. Other great features:

  1. Use all of the fields associated with regular requests to assign requests to staff, indicate priority, attach photos or documents, etc. For example, you can attach an equipment manual to a request to assist with preventative maintenance.
  2. Assign due dates to repeating requests. For example, you can indicate that high-priority requests need to be completed within two day of when they are created.
  3. Avoid an unwieldy request backlog by telling Tikkit to automatically label or close older requests that are still open when a new request is created.


Tracking and viewing repeating requests

You can quickly build up a big queue of requests if you have detailed preventative maintenance plan, so Tikkit includes lots of features that make it easy to view and manage repeating requests. For example, with one click you can review all the existing requests in a series. Or set up custom views to focus on specific repeating requests. More…

Pausing, unpausing, and permanently deleting repeating requests

Buildings don’t always run like clockwork, so Tikkit makes it easy to pause and unpause repeating requests as circumstances warrant. For example, if you need to adjust your routine during a big capital project, you can do so without having to throw away your carefully designed schedule. More…

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