Pausing, unpausing, and permanently deleting repeating requests

Sometimes you may want to temporarily suspend repeating requests. Perhaps your building observes a seasonal schedule. Or you’re going through a capital project that rearranges your normal routine. In such cases, pausing the cycle is simple.

Pausing and unpausing requests

You can find all repeating requests in the “Repeating” view in the left-hand sidebar, under the heading “Scheduled.”

Unlike most views, this view has two tabs: Active and Paused. As the names imply, active requests are ones that are being created on an ongoing schedule. Paused ones are temporarily suspended.

To pause or unpause a request, click on the request to open it up. Near the top of the page, you’ll see a button that reads either “Pause repeating requests” or “Restart repeating requests” based on the current status. Click the button to pause or restart the series.

Deleting repeating requests entirely

Delete a repeating request as you would a regular request: open up the request and click “Delete this request” in the lower right.

Note that deleting a repeating request deletes the template that causes new requests in the series to be created. It doesn’t delete all the past requests in the series that have already been created.

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