Use Tikkit to request help from your facility staff

Office too hot? Gremlins are invading your conference room? Need to reserve use of the freight elevator? Lost your key card? Whatever the problem, you can easily submit a request for help using Tikkit.

In fact, you have a few options. This article describes how to use Tikkit’s online help center to submit and manage requests. You can also submit requests via email.

Submitting a request using the online help center

Tikkit is designed to be fast to use — no endless forms or cryptic fields to fill out.

  1. Log into Tikkit.
  2. Click the “File a request” button in the upper right.
  3. Fill out the relevant fields on the new request form:
  • Short description: a brief summary of your request (required).
  • Location: if you have access to more than one location, such as several buildings on a corporate campus, then you will need to specify which location you are filing a request for. If you only have access to one location, which is the case for most occupants, then this field won’t be available.
  • Area: if you have access to multiple areas within your location, such as suites, lobbies, garages, etc., then you can also optionally specify the specific area to which the request applies. If you only have access to one area, then this field won’t be available.
  • Request type: requests fall into categories, such as plumbing, lighting, air conditioning, etc. The specific options available are determined by your facility team. This field is required.
  • Details: any other relevant information that will help expedite fulfillment of your request.
  • Click “Add attachments” to include images or documents. On your mobile phone, you can use this button to add images from your camera roll.
  • Click “Send request.”

That’s it! Your building operations team will immediately receive a notification. You can track progress on your request through automated notifications or by logging into the Tikkit help center.

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