Get help without even logging in

You know how sometimes switching over to your browser, opening a new tab, and hitting a bookmark seems like a crushing burden? Tikkit’s got you covered. Save yourself at least half a second of effort by firing off that request by email instead.

Submitting a request by email

When you visit the Tikkit help center for your facility, you’ll notice it has a customized web address. Something like:

Tikkit’s email inbox is similar:

Change “mybuilding” to whatever is appropriate for your facility. That’s where you’ll send new requests.

Tip: Add Tikkit to your contact list

Who uses their memory for anything anymore? Add your Tikkit inbox address to your email address book for ease of access.

To file a request by email, just send it to Tikkit’s inbox. The email subject will get turned into the request’s Short Description field, and the email body will get turned into the requests Details field. Any images or attachments you include will also be added to the request.

That’s it! Your building operations team will immediately receive a notification. You can track progress on your request through automated notifications or by logging into the Tikkit help center.

Send requests from your registered email address

Use the same email address that you use to log into Tikkit when emailing in new requests. Tikkit has to recognize you to properly route your request.

Is there a downside to this?

Of course there is. Otherwise we wouldn’t be asking leading questions.

There are several additional fields associated with requests that aren’t specified when you file a request by email. These include information such as the location of the request, the request type, etc.

Tikkit makes its best guess when filling in these fields for you. Unfortunately, computers are kind of dumb sometimes. Sure, they can win Jeopardy and play grand-master level chess, but they won’t always necessarily know what request type to assign to your work.

Once you send your request via email to Tikkit, it will send you back an email confirming that your request has been received and letting you know how it filled in the extra fields. If you want to add any additional commentary to the request, click the big green button in the confirmation email and you’ll be taken to a web page where you can message away to your heart’s content.

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