Isolating startup, shutdown, and elevated baseload patterns on a heatmap makes it easy to spot where energy use is shifting on your meter.

This operational variance graph and associated heatmap is only available for Meter data.

Just like the startup and shutdown times identified on your meter’s Energy use – History summary table, Snapmeter’s algorithm looks closely at your daily load curve to find the point where it starts to ramp up and also down for the day. While not exact every day, overall this method is exceptionally good at spotting shifts.

Daily load curve graph

Each day of the year is represented by a square on the heatmap below: click any square and that day’s interval data will be traced on the graph. Scroll along the load curve for an interval-by-interval reading.   

Isolated operational metric heatmaps

Early startup: Based on the average startup time for the trailing twelve months, as displayed on the TTM metrics tab. A blue square is later in the day, a red square is earlier.

Late shutdown: Based on the average shutdown time for the trailing twelve months, as displayed on the TTM metrics tab. A blue square is earlier in the day, a red square is later.  

Elevated baseload: Based on the current baseload kW benchmark for the meter, as displayed on the TTM metrics tab. Elevated baseload kWh values are only calculated during off hours. A blue square is a decrease below baseload, a red square is above.

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