Energy management at a glance

Stay on top of changes in your buildings and across your portfolio with this energy analytics dashboard.

Looking for a quick screen of Snapmeter’s energy analytics? This is the place.  Snapmeter automatically highlights upcoming peak demand alerts, utility bills with high variances, and recent days with unexpectedly high use or demand.

energy management at a glance

Upcoming demand management opportunities

Peak demand charges can drive 40% or more of a building’s monthly electricity costs. Snapmeter highlights upcoming demand management opportunities at the top of this page. The best days for curtailment are marked with a red dot.

Learn how Snapmeter makes curtailment recommendations.

Recent bills with high variance

These cards show year-on-year variances for your most recent utility bills. The cards are ordered from smallest dollar variance to highest dollar variance, and only shows bills with > 10% variance. (If you have a portfolio, you might need to scroll right to see all.)

Click through to see a detailed breakdown of the sources of bill variance, such as weather, demand charges, rate changes, or schedule shifts.

Learn more about how Snapmeter calculates bill variances.

Recent energy use and demand outliers

This table highlights instances of unusually high or low energy use or demand by comparing your building’s actual energy use to expected energy use based on factors like weather and time of day. Only peaks with > 10% variance are shown. Click through to the detailed load curve to see how energy use varies from expectation on a minute-by-minute basis.

Learn more about how Snapmeter predicts expected energy use.

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