We may be coldhearted data analysts the rest of the year. The holidays bring out our cheesier side.

Last week I helped my five-year-old list all the things that she was thankful for as part of a school project. It got me thinking about Gridium and what we should be thankful for after two years of developing the company:

  1. Our customers: We now service well over 100 million square feet and in each one of those buildings someone took a chance on a new technology from a new company that might help them save money. We’re very grateful for your support!
  2. The cloud: At Gridium, we never have to touch any hardware. Our analytics run in the cloud, where we can always provision more capacity at a moment’s notice to meet our customers’ needs. This is technically nifty, and it means is that we can hit radically low price points by building a supercomputer on the cheap. It’s great for our customers, and it’s a game changer for energy efficiency.
  3. Open energy data: Gridium would not be possible without the trend of open energy data. Just a few years ago, your energy data was stuck; today utilities like PG&E are leading the way to let you easily access your energy data and help vendors like Gridium flourish.
  4. NOAA: Our government is highly dysfunctional these days, but the good folks at NOAA continue to provide extremely high-quality weather data, day after day. And they’re even helpful on the phone! Whether we are predicting a peak or modeling building drift, reliable weather data powers our analytics.
  5. Our families: Startups are always a gamble, and behind each team member stands supportive family members, willing to support our crazy endeavors, listen to our struggles and shoulder a little excess when we are working all weekend. You can’t really produce a company without support from families.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

About Tom Arnold

Tom Arnold is co-founder and CEO of Gridium. Prior to Gridium, Tom Arnold was the Vice President of Energy Efficiency at EnerNOC, and cofounder at TerraPass. Tom has an MBA from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and a BA in Economics from Dartmouth College. When he isn't thinking about the future of buildings, he enjoys riding his bike and chasing after his two daughters.

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  1. Kate Dreger

    I’m thankful that the bright people at Gridium are using their talents to make a difference in how we use energy, thereby actually making our planet a little better.
    You guys are awesome.

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