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Tom Arnold

EDF Webinar | Natural gas data, meet interval analytics

Bringing energy efficiency data analytics to new data sets, such as natural gas interval data, makes advanced building operations behavior more informed and more meaningful. This is simultaneous heating and cooling, new benchmarks, and leverage on new ENERGY STAR scores!

EBCE DR Pilot for PDP Buildings

Dan Lieberman, of East Bay Community Energy, discusses EBCE’s new Demand Response Pilot program for E-19 and E-20 PG&E customers participating in PDP. This limited-enrollment program will match PG&E’s PDP structure and incentives, while providing rate protection for participants.

A crack in the Direct Access door?

The California energy market is changing rapidly, leading some to ask if full retail choice is an option. We discuss the policy tea leaves and implications for building professionals faced with CCA enrollment decisions.

Will Tesla lower your power bill?

We look at load growth in Palo Alto, CA with assumptions about Tesla sales there to measure the impact of electric vehicles on the local utility’s sales figures and budgets.