Can the Valley influence climate culture?

Matthew Kropp–Managing Director and Partner at Boston Consulting Group–discuss his firm’s work studying 48 technology companies and their role in climate change action.

The newest power plants are buildings – generating...

You’ve been hearing about energy efficiency from our team as we launch Gridium Alpha – we develop upgrade projects for your building so that you can transact with the Grid. The first dozen projects are advancing and we thought we’d lay out how Alpha fits in the future of energy efficiency – or, as we call it, Efficiency Resources – and why you should care if you own or operate buildings.

Valuing diversified energy projects

Jamie Mandel–Managing Director, Rocky Mountain Institute–and Phil Keuhn–Principal, RMI–discuss energy project portfolio optimization and the value of green leases for real estate owners and investors.

Rethinking Real Estate

Dror Poleg–Author and Co-Chair of the Urban Land Institute’s Technology and Innovation Council in New York–discusses his new book on how technology is changing the way humans work, live, eat, shop, and travel.

RealCrowd podcast at CREtech AI event

“The challenge is how do you get out of that sea of data into making decisions, with AI, that are actually going to build the value, not the drudgery of analyzing.”