Billcast adds new bill alert emails

With automatic variance analysis in your inbox, you'll always know which way your costs are moving -- and why

There’s nothing fun about getting a utility bill.

It’s bad enough that you have to pay it. Worse is the fact that you never know exactly what you’re paying for. Sure, your lights are still on. But how does your energy use relate to the figure on the bill?

If you’re diligent, you can dig out the amount of total electricity use over the billing period, but the raw figure doesn’t answer the important questions. Is energy use up? Is it down? Have your unit costs changed? If so, why?

There is a better way. As Gridium Billcast customers already know, advanced statistics can parse out the factors that drive energy costs. Weather affects your HVAC use, the length of the bill period varies, and rates change all the time. You can’t control these factors, but you do need to account for their effects to separate the signal from the noise. Without Billcast, it can be difficult to demonstrate your savings on energy management — or detect problems before they become expensive.


So today, we’re making this even easier for Billcast users, especially for those of you with lots of properties. From now on, you will receive email alerts whenever one of your buildings receives a new bill.

The alerts will show essential Billcast diagnostics in one simple email: total cost, total overall change, and the change due to operations, after correcting for weather, rate, and other effects. To investigate any bill further, click through to Billcast.

Please note: you can unsubscribe from bill alerts at any time, for individual properties or for all properties. To do so, simply click the mail icon next to each building in the Billcast overview screen.


Or click the mail icon on the detail page for any building.


As always, we look forward to your feedback!

About Tom Arnold

Tom Arnold is co-founder and CEO of Gridium. Prior to Gridium, Tom Arnold was the Vice President of Energy Efficiency at EnerNOC, and cofounder at TerraPass. Tom has an MBA from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and a BA in Economics from Dartmouth College. When he isn't thinking about the future of buildings, he enjoys riding his bike and chasing after his two daughters.

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