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The smart grid is about you and your energy data. We're here to help you tame your meters and manage your spend.

Please allow us to introduce ourselves. It’s a bit early for us to announce the details of our upcoming product launch, but it’s not too early at all to tell you why we exist and what we’re about: taming your energy data and saving you money.

Here are some things which we believe to be true:

  • Energy management is becoming more difficult. As utilities build out a smarter, more reliable electricity grid, they are asking their customers to share in the task of demand management. This is good for society as a whole — we need a robust and affordable energy supply — but it requires facility managers to exercise new skills.
  • The availability of much richer energy data will unlock amazing opportunities for property managers to improve the performance, comfort, and value of their buildings. In particular, smart meters provide a bounty of insights for those able to analyze the data.
  • The current tools for analyzing energy data have not kept pace with trends either in energy infrastructure or in software development. It should be easy and cheap for property managers to get a real-time consolidated view of performance across their entire portfolio that merges detailed interval data with important drivers of energy use such as weather and occupancy. Right now, it’s anything but easy and cheap.

So you can probably see where we’re headed with this. Gridium is developing a suite of tools that will unlock the value hidden in your energy data. More details to come, but in the meantime, this is what we can promise:

  • Gridium will be inexpensive. And we’re talking total cost of ownership: out-of-pocket costs as well as staff costs, support, and other hidden expenses. Our overriding goal is that Gridium pay for itself very quickly.
  • Gridium will be easy to use. Do you enjoy spending hours manually entering your billing data into spreadsheets? Neither do we, and we intend to remove headaches like this from your life.
  • Gridium will be aimed at practitioners. Facility managers have a lot to worry about: occupant comfort, safety, capital projects, building maintenance, etc. Gridium aims to simplify your life by giving you the information you need exactly when you need it, in a way that makes it easy to plan, prioritize, and act.

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About Adam Stein

Adam runs the product team at Gridium. Formerly he co-founded TerraPass, and before that worked at Tellme and Trilogy. He has an MBA from Wharton and a BS from Stanford, neither of which impress his young daughter.

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