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Add water utility bills to Snapmeter or connect your water data online for automated benchmarking and cost trend analysis.

We are pleased to announce that you can now track your water use in Snapmeter with the same ease that you track your electricity and gas data. Compare across buildings using intensity metrics such as water use per square foot. Dig into year-on-year trends with automated bill analysis. These reports and more are available when you click into Snapmeter!

As always, there’s no hardware to install in your building or software for your IT staff to configure. Just like when we added the ability to track natural gas to Snapmeter last year, we make it simple to retrieve water data automatically and costlessly through a connection to your utility website.

Snapmeter's new water utility data analytics on bill trends

Snapmeter converts irregular utility billing data into discrete calendar months for easy charting, summary, and comparison across buildings.

Or if you don’t have an electronic source of water data, you can upload the information directly.

Snapmeter data analytics on water utility bill variance

Snapmeter’s powerful data analytics tell exactly why your water use and costs are changing from year to year.

Customers tell us that Snapmeter’s variance reports are a game changer whenever they are asked to explain jumps in cost. The same data analytics quantify the drivers of changes in your building’s water bills, ranging from operations to rate changes. Buildings with cooling towers can use these analytical powers to ensure savings in sewer charges are being recognized by the local utility.

More water-related features are coming soon, including customizable reports. If you have questions about how to connect your water data now, let us know.

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