We hear you knocking, but you can't get in

There are a variety of reasons you might be having trouble getting into your account. Most are very easily fixed.

I can’t find the login page

Every instance of Tikkit has it’s own unique internet address. So, for example, your site will be available at https://your-account.tikkit.gridium.com, where your-account is specific to your organization.

What do you do if you’ve forgotten the address for your instance of Tikkit? The easiest way to find it is to look for an old Tikkit email and click one of the embedded links, which should direct you to your Tikkit site.

If this isn’t a possibility, then contact one of the site administrators for your organization. Or you can always contact us. Tell us your email address, and we can look up your account.

Tikkit doesn’t recognize my email address

If you have used Tikkit in the past but Tikkit won’t recognize your email address, there’s a possibility you’re trying to log in with a different address from the one associated with your account. Many building property management professionals have multiple work emails. Make sure you are logging in with the right one. One easy way to check is to look for an old email you received from Tikkit and determine which address it was sent to.

If you know you’re using the right address and it still doesn’t work, there’s a chance a site administrator deactivated your account. Contact your site admin to see if anything has changed.

I never received my login link

If your Tikkit email hasn’t arrived, you should start with the usual culprit: your spam folder. If the login email ended up there, please whitelist the Tikkit email address.

Otherwise, how long has it been since you requested the link? We send it immediately, but your email server may impose a noticeable delay on delivery. If it still hasn’t arrived after half an hour, please contact us. (By the way, you know that you can send yourselves a login link via text message on mobile devices, right?)

The login link isn’t working on my mobile device

There is a very good chance you are in private browsing mode, which isn’t compatible with Tikkit. Learn more.

Still having problems? Get in touch

If all else fails, we will get you sorted out quickly. Just get in touch. Please describe the problem you’re having and include your contact info.