Set up a unique web address for your organization, upload a logo, and make other customizations

Customize the Tikkit interface to put a familiar, professional face forward to staff and occupants.

Managing your organization settings

To manage your organization settings:

  1. Go the the settings page (click on the gear icon in the upper right: ).
  2. Click on “Organization” in the sidebar.

On this page, there are several values you can set:

  • Organization name (required).
  • Tikkit website address (required). You can choose your own web address (URL) for your Tikkit site. You must choose a unique value consisting of letters, numbers, and dashes only. The value you enter here determines the address of the staff website (, the occupant website ( and the email inbox (
  • Logo. Uploading a logo is optional, but it does make your occupant help center look especially nice. For best results, use a high-resolution logo with a white or clear background.
Use caution when changing your website address

You are free to change your website address anytime, but be aware that doing so may confuse your users. Changing the address will cause the login pages and email inbox address to change. It will also cause links in old emails to break. You should only do this if absolutely necessary.

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