When I try to log into Tikkit using Safari on my iPad / iPhone, the screen just says "Loading," next to an endlessly spinning circle that slowly devours my soul. What gives?

Most likely the problem is that you are using Safari in Private Browsing mode. Fortunately, the fix is simple: turn off Private Browsing. Here are instructions on Apple’s website:


Most people are not even aware that they are in Private Browsing mode. But some users are under the impression that Private Browsing offers more security than normal browsing. This is not the case.

Private Browsing disables a bunch of browser features to prevent Safari from remembering the websites you visit. This can certainly be a useful feature on occasion. But it also degrades your experience on many websites (such as Tikkit) that rely on these browser features.

Except for times when you specifically want to block Safari from keeping a record of your web history, we recommend using Safari in normal mode.

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