Managing notifications

Tikkit’s notifications keep you in the loop when progress is made on one of your requests. You can adjust your notification settings according to your preference.

Imagine you submit a request for help with a leaky sink. Your building’s technician adds a comment to the request asking for details about which bathroom the problem is occurring in. If you have notifications turned on, Tikkit will send you an email notification with the technician’s comment. You can respond directly to this email with additional details, and you can even include pictures or other attachments.

Tikkit will further notify you as the technician makes progress. For example, when the technician marks the request as complete, you will receive another update.

You can reply to notification emails

Here’s a handy tip: reply directly to notification emails to leave a comment on the request you are being notified about.

Managing your notifications

Of course, Tikkit wont take it personally if you’d prefer not to receive any notifications. Turning notifications on or off is easy. Here’s how.

  1. From your Tikkit help center website, click on “Settings” in the upper right (hint: it’s next to the gear icon).
  2. Click “Notifications preferences” in the sidebar.
  3. Check or uncheck the box indicating whether you receive emails when one of your requests is updated.

Nice work! You’re done.

Have no fear — even if you like to run a lean inbox and you opt out of Tikkit’s automated notifications, you can always check the latest status of your request by logging into your Tikkit help center.

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