Never worry about forgetting your password again

One of the not-so-secret secrets of the software world is that passwords are terrible. They are terrible for users, who hate having to remember them and type them in. But they are also terrible for security, because they are easily hacked or circumvented.

So we decided to fix passwords for you by getting rid of them. Instead we send to a unique, private login link to your secure email address. Read on to see how it works.

Logging in

  1. Go to your Tikkit sign-in page. The web address for your Tikkit account will look like this: where “your-account” is specific to you.
  2. Enter your email address in the login form.
  3. Check your email. You’ll receive a sign-in link from Tikkit. If it doesn’t show up, make sure to check your spam folder.
  4. Click the link. You are now signed in!

You will stay signed in until you sign out.

Logging out

In general, there’s no need to sign out of Tikkit unless you are accessing the site from a shared computer or mobile device. If you do need to sign out, just follow these steps:

  1. Click on the settings menu icon. (Hint: it’s the gear icon in the upper right: )
  2. Click on the “Log out” link in the sidebar.


If your login email never arrives

  • Check your spam filter. If you find it there, please add to your contact list.
  • Make sure you are logging in with the correct email address. You need to use the email address associated with your Tikkit account. If you don’t know what it is, you can ask your administrator.
  • Try again. Email is pretty reliable, but just like snail mail, messages do occasionally get dropped or delayed in route. Maybe second time’s a charm?
  • Contact us. If you’re still not having any luck, get in touch. Provide the link to your login page and your email address, and we’ll jump on it.

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