This shortcut lets you set up new occupants without interrupting your request workflow

Here’s a common scenario: you manage properties with a lot of occupants, and most of them don’t have accounts in Tikkit. One of them emails you with a problem. You enter the details into Tikkit for tracking. But you also want to communicate with the occupant through Tikkit so that all of the details are kept in a central location.

No problem. Just add the occupant’s email address as a follower on the request. If the email doesn’t belong to an existing Tikkit user, Tikkit will automatically create a new occupant account for that person and send out a welcome email.

The new occupant account will be given access only to the location the current request is attached to. If you want to edit the occupant settings, follow the link Tikkit gives you to the occupant settings page.

You can now communicate with the occupant directly on the request’s discussions page.

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