Configure occupant settings to minimize administrative overhead

Tikkit can accommodate a wide variety of occupant scenarios. Here’s how to make the most of the options available to you.

Remember: only administrators can configure Tikkit

The ability to manage staff, locations, and other settings in Tikkit is restricted to administrator accounts.

Configuration options

Occupant configuration options are simple but powerful. To get started, find the configuration page:

  1. Go the the settings page–click on the gear icon in the upper right:
  2. Click on “Organization” in the sidebar (you will probably already be there when you access the settings area).
  3. Click on the “Occupants” tab.

Options for creating new occupants

You have two choices for occupant creation: allowing only staff to create occupants in Tikkit, or allowing occupants to sign up for accounts directly on the Tikkit website.

Staff only

To specify that staff only can create new occupant accounts, select the first option: Only staff can create new occupant accounts.

With this option selected, only staff members can create occupant accounts. This option is most useful when you expect to have only a moderate number of occupant accounts. Learn more about creating and managing occupant accounts.

Occupant sign-up settings

To allow occupants to sign up for accounts themselves on the website, select the second option: Occupants can sign up for new accounts on website. You now have a few additional choices to make.

  • Require staff approval of new accounts. If this box is checked, then new occupants accounts go into a pending state when they are created. Staff members are notified of the new accounts, and must go to the Tikkit website to approve (or deny) the accounts.If staff approval is required, you can optionally provide a list of email domains that are automatically approved without staff intervention. This feature allows you to, for example, automatically grant access to anyone with an email address belonging to your corporate domain. If this option is used, email addresses with matching domains immediately become active.
  • Customize staff notifications. By default, when new occupant accounts are created, system administrators are notified. You may wish to override this default behavior and specify an alternate notification list. If so, use the field below to select staff members to be notified.

Whenever an occupant signs up for a new account, an email notification will go out to staff (either to administrators, or to the custom list provided in your organization settings). This notification email will contain links so that you can quickly approve new accounts (if required) and update location access settings for the new occupant.

Note that by default, new occupant accounts will be able to file requests against all locations. If you wish to restrict this access list, or add a new occupant to an occupant group, click the link in the notification email and update the occupant settings.

Learn more about configuring occupant settings.

Pending accounts can still file requests

If you require staff approval of occupants who sign up for an account on the website, the accounts go into a pending state until approved. Pending accounts don’t have full access to Tikkit, but they can file new requests. This allows people to communicate with you in an emergency.

Occupant help site settings

You can also customize the occupant help site. In particular, checking the box labeled “Allow occupants to view and set priority of requests” will let occupants see and modify the priority of requests. Unchecking this box hides the priority field from occupants.


Here are some examples of how these configuration options can be used:

  • If you manage a corporate campus, you may want to allow occupants to sign up for accounts themselves. If you grant automatic approval to people on your corporate domain, then you won’t have to individually approve employee accounts. You will still have discretion over approval of non-employee accounts.
  • If you manage a multi-tenant office space, you may want to allow only staff to set up new occupant accounts, so you can limit access to the system to office managers and other key contacts.
  • If you manage multi-residential housing, you may want to allow occupants to sign up for accounts themselves, and turn off the requirement for approval. The odds of a undesirable user signing up for an account are low, and you can always deactivate the account later.

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