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Tikkit allows you to manage building issues with a tool as simple as email. Work orders without the work.

Grdium’s mission is to help buildings operate efficiently. We’re very excited to announce this next chapter with the launch of Tikkit, an entirely new way of managing work orders in buildings.

We’ve long been surprised by the lack of easy-to-use tools available to help manage buildings. In the course of many conversations with customers, we discovered that even basic building processes such as managing work orders aren’t well-supported by software. There are a lot of legacy solutions on the market, many of them with roots in the pre-Internet world. They tend to be expensive, cumbersome, and poorly suited to how buildings work today: mobile, always-on, and data-driven. Unsurprisingly, adoption rates are low.

Our energy products are best-in-class, marrying unmatched analytic power with intuitive interfaces. Now we’re bringing that same approach to work order management.

Here’s one view of the Tikkit interface:

Gridium Tikkit Word Order System

Our goal was to take a different approach to see if we could crack the barriers to adoption that keep so many buildings relying on email and spreadsheets to manage their buildings. For example, we know that most tenant portals suffer from low rates of use. Instead of using self-service channels, tenants often call issues in or grab an engineer in the hallway because the portal is intolerable or inaccessible.

Tikkit clears away those barriers to adoption by making filing a request as easy as sending a text message. To take just one little detail — we’ve eliminated issues with forgotten logins by ditching the traditional user name and password entirely. Instead, users log in with magic links sent to their secure email inbox. It’s a small, thoughtful touch, and together with a lot of other small, thoughtful touches, it adds up to better communication, smoother workflow, and delighted tenants.

Tenants can file Work Orders on a mobile device with Tikkit

Tenants and staff can interact with Tikkit however works best for them — via email, text message, or the web. Want to attach a picture to a work order? No problem, just snap it on your smartphone and message it over. If you’re away from your desk and a tenant files a critical work order, you can reply right away with an email, and all of this communication will get tracked in an orderly manner.

Work order updates delivered by email

We’re just getting started. Soon Tikkit will grow into a system that connects your tenants, assets, vendors, and staff seamlessly. The product is in early use across 50 buildings, and the customer feedback so far has been great. You can read more about Tikkit and sign up for a free personalized demo here.

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Adam runs the product team at Gridium. Formerly he co-founded TerraPass, and before that worked at Tellme and Trilogy. He has an MBA from Wharton and a BS from Stanford, neither of which impress his young daughter.

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