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Even if the Chargers leave, Gridium is excited about launching in San Diego.

191.8 million square feet of industrial space, 75.6 million square feet of commercial office, 69.2 million square feet of retail properties (1), SDG&E smart meter data, biotech innovation, surfing, and fish tacos. These are just some of the reasons why Gridium is excited to launch operations in San Diego!

The sunsets are rad, too:

san diego sunset

Effective building operations should be driven by powerful data analytics and serenely-simple-to-use software. Our three years of work in 49er country and in the Greater Los Angeles area have shown us what it takes to help Kilroy, Douglas Emmett, CBRE, and Hines buildings run smoothly. And we’re already putting to use the lessons learned from Biotech and Internet Technology campuses in Silicon Valley. We’ve had fun bringing these insights to the first San Diego buildings using our software tools.

For example, this San Diego building set a high, early Monday morning demand peak on the first day of its July billing period:

San Diego Peak Demand

And this San Diego building has a large solar PV system installed (which our analytics have no trouble interpreting, thanks to advancements made in Gridium Labs):

San Diego Solar

In a future post, we’ll extend our explanation of LADWP demand charges to include some of the finer points of SDG&E’s tariffs.

Next up is Bisnow’s San Diego Biotech Real Estate summit on July 30. Please let us know if you’ll be there and we’ll say hello.


(1) CBRE San Diego MarketView Q1 2015 research reports

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