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Thousands of buildings across the U.S., from Massachusetts to San Diego, run Gridium technology to diagnose anomalous energy leaks, boost building occupant service levels, and extend asset uptime with usable preventive maintenance alerts.


Gridium announced today its inclusion in the BuiltWorlds Building Tech 50 List, featuring leading companies rapidly advancing how buildings are designed, built, operated, and maintained. Members of the list offer innovative solutions ranging from connected sensors to analytics management platforms, distributed energy generation, smart lights, HVAC and energy systems, and building occupant services.

Useful Technology Advancing Our Built Environment

“Our Building Tech 50 list features the emerging technology that is pushing the boundaries of operational efficiency in smart buildings,” said Jake Fansler, Research Analyst at BuiltWorlds. “Building owners and operators are transforming our built environment with this technology, and we’re looking forward to exploring that at our Buildings 2.0 conference in Chicago next month.”

Gridium is honored to be selected by BuiltWorlds, an organization designed around driving innovation in buildings. Thousands of buildings across the United States–from Massachusetts to Seattle and San Diego–run Gridium technology to lower energy use & costs by diagnosing anomalous energy leaks, and to boost building occupant service levels and extend asset uptime with usable preventive maintenance alerts.

Inspiring Efficiency at the Belmont Day School

“Ensuring our buildings are here to help in delivering an inspiring education for our students is my team’s purpose,” said Anderson Santos, Associate Director of Operations at the Belmont Day School. “Gridium’s technology is easy to use and helps our operations stay efficient–from tuning up boilers and fire safety systems to maintaining HVAC equipment.”

Gridium is honored to work with the Belmont Day School, a pre-k–8 school in Belmont, MA, in support of its important mission educating and inspiring our next generation. Any recognition the company receives reflects the success craftsmen such as Anderson Santos have in efficiently operating and maintaining the built environment.

About Gridium Inc.

Buildings use Gridium’s software technology to fine-tune operations, lower energy use and costs, and streamline maintenance communication. With easy-to-use mobile and desktop applications, buildings across the U.S. collaborate with staff, occupants, and vendors to boost service levels and transparency. And with the industry’s most accurate and precise energy data analytics, about half a billion square feet of buildings save millions of dollars on electricity, gas, and water utility bills, extend the useful lives of their assets, and reduce their environmental footprint.

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