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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, work orders were stuck on your desktop in a kludgy make-work system. Our survey results show little has changed.

Benchmarking our customer survey results on work order management reveals few building operations teams are enjoying mobile work orders. 16% of respondents don’t use work order management software, and 19% of teams that do report that mobile is not an option. Only 28% of buildings report that their system really sings on mobile.

2 billion smartphones will be shipped in 2020, and nearly 1.5 billion new devices are expected to have hit the market by the end of this year. Is your operations team taking full advantage of this diffusion of such powerful technology across all of the people inside your building? Your engineers, your vendors, and your tenants have more computing power in their pockets than the computers used in the Apollo missions to the Moon.

A picture is, after all, worth $16 billion.

In an era when 80 million photos are posted to Instragram every single day, our survey results show that attaching a photo to a work order is simply not an option in 26% of buildings. 19% of respondents report that even though it’s possible, it’s difficult to attach photos in their work order management software.

Making mobile work orders a breeze is a key element of Tikkit:

mobile work orders

On the left, in the example above, Tikkit’s self-service tenant portal is fully responsive and mobile ready. Tenants can create new work orders, check on open requests, review resolved requests, and get email updates. As shown on the right, building operators can use their smartphone to manage mobile work orders: post comments, assign requests, review photos submitted by their tenants, and receive emails throughout the whole process.

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