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HTTPS Auto-Promotion with Docker and NGINX

One of the promises of Docker is the ability to run your code like it’s in production everywhere, including when you’re writing it. Differences in the runtime setting are meant to be controlled with configuration. This is a great idea. Something else that’s a great idea is always serving your web apps over HTTPS. End-to-end encryption… Read More

Deploying Ember apps to S3 and Cloudfront

How serving Ember apps from S3 and Cloudfront simplified dev environments, sped up builds and deploys, and made our production infrastructure smaller and more scalable Gridium’s Tikkit application has three separate front-end Ember apps that all talk to a common API. Our application uses a microservices architecture; each of our apps runs in a Docker… Read More

Search inside attachments with AWS Elasticsearch

Gridium’s Tikkit work order management system runs on a microservices architecture, with Docker containers managed by Kubernetes.  We’ve divided our application into small, reusable components, each of which runs in its own Docker container.  Kubernetes takes care of keeping the right number of containers alive and talking to each other.  We have containers that provide a messaging… Read More