Resources for understanding and adapting to COVID-19

We can help you analyze the latest changes in energy use and costs, optimize your closed building, and plan for what’s next.


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We hope this guidance is useful during these challenging times, and that you and yours stay healthy. If Gridium can help, please let us know. And monitor this page and our newsletter for upcoming webinars covering all of this and more…

Designing Commercial Buildings for COVID-19

Listen in as Lindsay Baker, former Global Head of Sustainability & Impact at WeWork, hosts Luke Leung, Director of the MEP + Sustainable Engineering Studio for SOM, LEED Fellow, and member of COVID-19 task forces at ASHRAE and the UK Royal Academy of Engineering.

COVID-19 Building Operations Factbook Index

Register to hear Gridium’s Director of Data Science, Greg Anderson, discuss our new COVID-19 building operations index analysis. Use this research to put your building’s latest energy use into context–we hope it helps your building team navigate this challenging operating environment.

UV-C decontamination research & data

Christian Zollner, PhD Candidate in the Nakamura Group of UC Santa Barbara’s Solid State Lighting & Energy Electronics Center, discusses research on ultraviolet LED effectiveness in eliminating coronavirus from surfaces and, potentially, air and water.

MERV-13 filter guidance with Servidyne

Barry Abramson, PE, shares best practices, things to consider, and potential energy use and other system effects when installing MERV-13 filters in your building.

Interim Guidance from Cal/OSHA on Clean & Safe Offices

Watch this recording with Kelly Howard, Senior Safety Engineer, to learn about Cal/OSHA’s new guidance documentation designed to assist building operators and to support safe and clean environments for building occupants.

Early ASHRAE guidance for ops during C-19

Watch this recorded webinar with Larry Schoen, P.E. and ASHRAE Fellow, to learn about some early HVAC and IAQ guidance, and the limitations, for building operations during these challenging times.

Playing the game on pause

Watch this recorded webinar for a discussion between Ryan Blair, President of Nuwave Energy Solutions, and Gridium’s Ian Guerry and Tom Arnold on rapidly-developing best practices for running your building under quarantine and tips on how to prep for the reboot. Audience Q&A is also covered.

Cost accruals & energy variance

Launch a no-commitment free trial to rapidly re-forecast your budget, quantify the dollar and kWh effects from shelter-in-place orders, and run accruals with the push of a button, all with nothing to install. Learn more.

Energy variance

We can quantify the COVID-19 change in energy use vs. your building’s pre-outbreak pattern, across weekdays, weekends, and overall. Answer any “how much” questions with accurate percentage figures and kWh amounts.

Cost accruals

By focusing on the most recent week of energy use, we can help you incorporate any near-term occupancy changes due to COVID-19. Given the rapidly shifting landscape, this method yields a best estimate that should help minimize future true-ups.

Optimizing in a shutdown

Identify what’s shutdown, what’s not, what’s stuck in hand mode, and what your team can do from home.

Spot stragglers

Now that shelter-in-place orders have settled in across the portfolio, review all of the data to identify buildings or submeters that haven’t kept pace with any new operating protocols.

Optimize in this new normal

New ASHRAE guidance covers both HVAC and non-HVAC measures, from increasing disinfection routines to improved MERV-13 air filtration and more outside air.

Don't waste a crisis

If your building finds itself with fewer corrective measures streaming in from Occupants, you might see some time opening up to work on the asset & equipment list and refine preventive maintenance plans. We can help will with this.

Take action to drop opex

We know buildings are under extra pressure to drop operating expenses. Gridium’s analytics can help you identify new efficiency measures, and our development team can design new projects if you’re ready to dig for deeper savings.

Preserve your call option cash

A selection of financing options means many buildings have a number of options that won’t touch Asset’s capital while delivering high-ROI projects to boost building value and improve the built environment for your occupants.

Improve critical building systems

Occupants at home? Now might be a good time to perform that long-awaited LED audit, or to upgrade those old RTU motors.

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